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An idol of youth, Shree Narendra Modi has always proved himself as an exceptional and iconic administrator for Gujarat. Namoleague is regarded as one of the eminent portals in the world of politics, created by the admirers and fans of Shree Narendra Modi.

CM Narendra Modi is renowned for his passion for the development of Gujarat and uplifting the living standards of the people of this invigorated state. Namoleague is the platform discussing the growth of Gujarat and its achievements.

Namoleague helps in connecting youth to share ideas, opinions and advices that shape our nation. It provides every Indians good amount of knowledge of Gujarat and its growth so far. This gives you various ideas about Shree Narendra Modi's policy of performing progress and richness of Gujarat.

Through news and latest updates, you can get in touch with various fields from political career to Women's empowerment. Current issues leave you to discuss and share your suggestions. Videos related to growth of Gujarat are the key features of Namoleague. Day to Day official blogs written by Shree Narendra Modi allow you to know his personal thoughts on different subjects prevailing in India and Gujarat.

After becoming the member of Namoleague, you can always raise your political questions to Shree Narendra Modi. Latest topics are there for you to talk about. For your fun and delight, Namoleague has Fan blog , Rare Pics and Namo Facts !!!

Let's have a unique experience and new vision for Gujarat through Namoleague - by the fans of CM Narendra Modi!

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